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Chromatography Collage Class

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Chromatography Collage Class - Art Meets Science

Date: July 12, 4-6 pm.

Ages: Kindergarten - 7th Grade

Use science to create your own colorful paper for a weaving or collage! Students will learn about chromatography and how colors mix together to create ombres of color. Students will then use their paper strips to collage or weave together. Pieces can be taken home the day of the class.

* Please bring students in appropriate attire: clothing should be appropriate for paint, ink, and messy fun!

- Arrive about 15 minutes prior to the actual class time to sign waivers and learn names, safety instructions, and more.

- Wear short sleeve cotton shirts: it isn't called the "hot shop" for nothing! Long sleeves and anything fuzzy are not allowed while working.

- Bring your best creative thinking and confidence!

- Tips for Students -

- Notice for Glass Students -

Students will choose their desired colors, style, and shape of the glass blown pieces with Tammi. Decisions will be discussed the day of the class and any sudden issues or changes involving the creation of the pieces will be decided by Tammi.


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