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Pink + Creme Pressed Flower Necklace and Earrings Set

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With this matching set, you'll never have to worry about mix matched jewelry! This set is sure to leave an impression, with its simplistic yet elegant beauty that compliments any outfit. The cream-colored flowers and deep pink flowers are beautifully paired, both pressed and dyed and sealed in resin acrylic. The necklace chain is approx. 20 Inch long. 

Created with love by artist Ava Vrechek.

Artists stick together: and here at SoulHammer is no exception! We accept all students and artists to our collective with the mission to make art fun and freeing for everyone.

Don't know how to start? Reach out! Classes, classroom space rental, and much more are available.

~ Embrace your Inner Artist ~

- Notice for Glass Students -

Students will choose their desired colors, style, and shape of the glass blown pieces with Tammi. Decisions will be discussed the day of the class and any sudden issues or changes involving the creation of the pieces will be decided by Tammi.


Email us at to ask about classes, suggest class ideas, review us, or to learn more about us!