Young Artist Club

We have an exciting new line up for the school year! 

Art - Science - Math - History - Literature - Social Studies

Its ALL part of the new classes for our Young Artists!

Tuesday - After School Club.

Students can come right after school, class ends at 6pm. Please note that the kids need to walk over to the crossing guard and wait for Ms. Patty to cross them over to subway. They cannot run directly across the street. There will be a short period of free draw as the students arrive and get settled in. The lesson will start at 4pm to 6pm. This accommodates Princeton students as well as students coming in from other areas. This is a fun and lighthearted crafting class. The focus is more on the whimsy and creativeness of art.

Working Wednesday - Free Draw 4-6PM

Working together in a creative environment is an essential part of an artist collective. Students will be able to work together on big art installations on and in the building.

Sketching just like sports or musical instruments, is an art form that needs to be practiced and improved upon. Students have to opportunity to use the reference materials in the classroom to enhance their understanding of the objects they are drawing. The classroom is a quiet place to focus on their art. They need to bring their own sketchbooks and any special pencils or materials they need. There is NO fee as this is a work at your own pace opportunity. Free Draw is an opportunity for the kids to have a dedicated time to work on their skills in a quiet and supportive space.

~Wednesdays are available to registered students only~

Thursday - Kids Evening Class 6-8PM

 This class dives into art history along with challenging the students to advance their skill. We will be working thru a wide variety of interesting and technically challenging projects that will both thrill and intrigue our students. Some of the classes will be two- or three-part classes as we go further into the Artisphere and try new things. This is an exciting class where the students will be challenged in a supportive environment to stretch their imagination to the limits.