Tammi Ann Ross

Tammi Ann Ross teaching basic glass blowing

A local glass blower sharing her skill, teaching classes and providing demonstrations for local schools and groups.

She is the founder of Ross Haven Gallery Art, a local shop that promotes small artists in our area with the vision that someday that little store will have given an artist a place to move on from. She is also one of the founders of Soul Hammer, an Artist Collective that provides a place for artists to realize their talent and thrive.

"If we can just reach that one person who needed to break out of their shell, it will have all been worth it."

Jon Ahrens

Resident blacksmith, co-owner, and one of the creative directors of Soulhammer Artist Collective.

Jon studied welding and metal fabrication at Moraine Park Technical College and has enjoyed blacksmithing and metal crafts for many years. In 2021 Jon decided that getting a horse and building a blacksmith shop was his path to contentment: by 2022, that dream changed a bit. The horse was instead a dog named Scooby Doo, the small shop was now a giant feed mill and instead of going solo found a business partner, Tammi. 

Through the art of blacksmithing, Jon finds both opportunity and challenge: opportunity to transform imagination into iron art, and challenge in doing so with fire, hammer, and anvil with thousand-year-old technique. 

"It is very easy to forget that life is simply a series of small moments. When we realize this, we also can choose to interact in these small moments with love in our hearts. Now life becomes full, we now have made space for all the wonderful things we once felt were missing."

Todd Schabel

Todd Schabel is a contemporary realist oil painter who grew up in Central Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Todd's training mainly consisted of the portrait, the figure, and still-lives, but due to his love of the outdoors and interest in travel, it wasn't long before he fell in love with the landscape, particularly plein air painting.

Todd has had the honor of receiving several plein air awards in the Midwest region and has been juried into several National and International exhibitions. His work is featured in our gallery space at Soul Hammer.

"There is joy in more places than we can imagine, and my hope is to encourage others to pause and see more of that beauty around us, but even more importantly, to nurture it."


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Eloise's paintings include landscapes from the Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, and Alabama countryside. She combines history with art to create her one of a kind pieces. She has been featured in Lee Magazine and Sunshine Artist Magazine as well as many newspaper articles. Her Mini paintings are well loved by all. A fun little addition to any decor!

Art By Ava

Ava Vrechek is a local Princeton artist whose talents vary from glasswork to jewelry to candles to paintings. Her passion for art has been lifelong, but after joining Soul Hammer in 2022, she soon became Tammi's glassblowing apprentice and gained a whole new perspective on art. She also spends her days in Hunting Studio Glass, as a glassblowing assistant there as well. Her signature artworks always feature flower embellishments or bright colors. You can always find her at Soul Hammer - running the gallery, blowing glass in the hotshop with Tammi, or teaching the Young Artists Club art classes!